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Bulk Data Providing Services

BillionByte IT Solutions is a global organization operating in the domain of data collection, data mining, and web scraping. It offers data extraction services, b2b lead generation services, screen scraping, etc. BillionByte IT Solutions Company offers data extraction solutions with customized web scraping tools that can help you smartly collect data, thereby avoiding the traditional approach to data collection through research and analysis, which could is mostly tedious. We provide a lead generator tool along with multiple automation tools so that they can ease the process of web scraping and generate relevant discernment for your business and work.

Our team consists of expert professionals excelling in their domains who are determined to work with you in providing seamless assistance and guidance at every step and alleviate you from the burden of putting in effort manually. Our objective is to help you by providing excellent services through basic web scraping and consolidation of data along with the use of advanced technologies and automated tools which can eventually augment your business.

BillionByte- A Bulk Data Provider Company in India

  • Lead generation
  • Email scraping
  • Social media data scraping
  • E-commerce data scraping
  • Real estate web scraping
  • Google maps data scraping
  • Mobile app data scraping
  • Stock marketing data scraping
  • Hotel data Scraping
  • HNI Data
  • Data for BPO Companies
  • Custom web scraping
  • Business directory scraping
  • News data aggregation
  • Student Database