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Web Portal Development

BillionByte IT Solutions is a well-known Web Portal Development Company in Kanpur. We develop professionally and at the same time refined B2B and B2C web portals. In the B2B web portal we provide an appropriate platform to numerous business organizations or communities to lift up and promote each other business ideas. In B2C web portals are developed and made alluring keeping in mind the mass appeal. We deal in many types of web portals:

News Portal

ERP Portal

Information Portal

B2B and B2C Portal

Ecommerce Portal

Enterprise Portal

Job Portal

Online Travel Portal

MLM Portal

“A web-based portal is an uncommonly planned web page that brings data together in a uniform way from multiple sources. Generally, every data source gets its devoted zone on the page for showing data, regularly, the client can design which ones to show.”

In more simple words it’s an organized gateway that helps to gather and structure the access to information found on the internet. Some of the well-known portals are usually identified as search engines, but they can offer much more than simply the search engines.

BillionByte IT Solutions is leading web portal Designing and Development Company in Kanpur. We have spearheaded the domain and have successfully executed the top of the line web portals that integrate the latest technology in order to get maximum traffic to your websites. We have some of the best experienced and professional technicians who can provide customized products as per clients’ requirements in development of the web-based portal.

We develop all types of portals keeping in mind that the navigation is easy, layouts are elegant and pages load fast. We are impassioned about delivering quality product to our customers through our customized web portal design and development project.


Joining hands with BillionByte IT Solutions can lead you with following advantages

B2B web portal can get necessary clients

Grows a customer base for repeat visits

Easy to implement marketing strategies

One-time investment on domain and host

Improves inter-business transactions

Streamlines operation and reduces cost